Bicycles Are Part Of The New Green Gadgets Solar Powered Technology

There seems to be a world full of inventors who are seeing the future as having cars and planes fueled by solar power. While their technology has not taken them to the point of building the necessary solar collectors to actually fuel cars and planes on long term destinations, the thinking has started.

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At coolgreengadgets. com, actual models of cars and planes that do use solar power for part of their fuel consumption can be seen as well as a very interesting and practical solar powered glow in the dark bicycle. These bicycles literally glow in the dark. You can ride your bike to work and ride home lit up like a beacon with these solar powered bicycles that are guaranteed to light up in the dark. The fact that many bicycle riders do not ride their bikes after dark because of the fear of being hit by a car, has led to the thinking that built a bicycle with not only its own headlights but glowing body form that will not only alert drivers of your position but will light your way through your city streets at night. Saving money on gas while transporting yourself with some healthy bicycle exercise can be had when you buy a solar powered glow in the dark bicycle.